Ten Commandments

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the biblical commandments of Moses


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The Satanic Temple has asked the commission to approve its proposed Baphomet statue, which it has asked the state to place next to or directly in front of the Ten Commandments monument.
As proposals to display the Ten Commandments on government property spread, it's important to understand what's really going on here: Powerful sectarian lobbies are looking for a way to create a symbolic merger between church and state by persuading government bodies to display a code that largely regulates religious behavior.
The first four of the Ten Commandments refer to the relationship between humans and God, the other six to relationships among humans.
Some hold an opposing view, asserting that modern day courts have become increasingly hostile to public acknowledgment of the foundational role that the Judeo-Christian religion in general and the Ten Commandments in particular have played in our nation's heritage.
A crucifix does not have a secular meaning so the Ten Commandments cases wouldn't change any of the analysis on the county seal case,'' Eliasberg said.
Should displays of the Ten Commandments be allowed on government property?
TNA: When THE NEW AMERICAN asked Justice Moore in 2002 what prompted him to put the Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse he answered: "The Commandments were placed in the court to acknowledge the moral foundation of our law and the foundation of our government.
Some of Moore's defenders have indignantly pointed out that the United States Supreme Court building has a frieze depicting Moses with the two tablets of the Ten Commandments.
Now Schenck is counting on issues like the Ten Commandments to build his clout and respectability.
Does anyone really believe that posting the Ten Commandments everywhere will help curtail our penchant for sinning?
Many of those promoting government advocacy of religious values have focused their efforts on state-sponsored posting of the Ten Commandments in public places, even though such action would be constitutionally suspect.
To absolutists, of course, everything is worth fighting over, if only in the name of the mythic slippery slope--allow the Ten Commandments today and next week we will have to worry about a national catechism
For example, councils host a Ten Commandment Walk, where Scouts walk to 10 houses of worship, each of a different faith, to understand the different views of the Ten Commandments and learn about other faiths.
The Georgia legislature has approved a bill that would encourage Ten Commandments displays in public schools and other government buildings.