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a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis

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2018, 14:00 clock k) security deposits: none l) required documents and evidence: according to the tender documents ausschreibung800-18-01 temporary work of skilled workers maschinen - / anlagenbau 22/1/18 published: 1/15/18
Employees working in the private sector can work for two companies, provided they have secured temporary work permits from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
Muscat: From Sunday, families accompanying expatriates and those who are on temporary work visa in Oman should visit Directorate General of Civil Status to renew their resident cards, Royal Oman Police (ROP) said in a notice uploaded on its official twitter handle.
The official said the ministry issued 11,000 temporary work permits to various companies across the country last year.
These nine articles examine the true nature of temporary work around the world, particularly where the temporary ways of the worklife (no benefits, little accommodation) are hurtful to the workers.
Seamen are now required to obtain temporary work permits before they start working in the regional waters; (especially) those who usually work for Saudi Aramco.
If you've been out of the jobs market due to illness, family or care commitments, temporary work can be a less daunting way to ease yourself back into things.
Temporary work visas are typically valid for 10 months.
More than one in four adults worldwide (26%) say they would like to go to another country for temporary work, according to Gallup surveys in 119 countries in 2009 and 2010.
The aim of the proposed workshop is to explore relations between unions, employers and temporary work agencies as well as the consequences of temporary work for workers' power from a historical perspective.
This affects all businesses who engage staff to do temporary work through temporary work agencies.
Having a permanent contract with the temporary work agency where the agency worker is not placed on assignments, the temporary work agency will pay the worker a minimum amount of remuneration in respect of that period.
This research shows that temporary work strains employee mental health, as contingent workers report more symptoms of depression and psychological distress than similarly employed workers who are not in these fixed-term positions," the expert added.
During its plenary session on 22 October, the European Parliament is scheduled to hold a second-reading vote on a report by Harlem Desir (PES, France) on the Directive on Temporary Work.
The changing profile of temporary workers, the benefits and drawbacks of temporary work, and ways employment counselors can help clients make the best use of temporary work arrangements are also discussed.