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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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Of the seven study states, Iowa and Montana had the largest shares of workers on temporary layoff (60 percent and 58 percent, respectively), while Hawaii (28 percent) and New Hampshire (31 percent) had the lowest shares.
The board has until March 15 to notify certificated administrators - including college presidents, vice presidents and deans - that they could be targeted for a temporary layoff known as a furlough.
Fiat had originally planned to send 500 workers into early retirement and place 7,600 on temporary layoff programmes.
In the auto industry, however, most employees on temporary layoff have been recalled, and some facilities are hiring additional workers, as many assembly plants have increased their production schedules.
In this context, Technip local management started discussions with employee representatives on May 18th under the Finnish co-operation act to reduce the yard staff and labor workforce from 786 to 416 through a temporary layoff and termination process.
Nearly a dozen Bearskin Airlines mechanics in Sioux Lookout have been issued temporary layoff notices, and another four workers in Thunder Bay could also face the same fate under a major restructuring plan.
Reuters has reported that the employees at the facility will be on temporary layoff.
Suominen reacted to the lower demand during the first quarter with a shutdown for the winter holidays and a short temporary layoff period affecting its entire staff.
About 60 per cent of the workforce at the 55-yearold plant, were affected by the temporary layoff.
Furthermore, an agreement has been reached regarding the possible temporary layoff of up to 200 persons in Tampere for up to 90 days from 1 December.
The number of Temporary Layoff Days allowed in a fiscal year will be reduced from 20 days to 12 days.
The recessions of the 1970s and 1980s had a feature that the 1990-91 and 2001 episodes lacked: a spike in the percentage of labor force participants on temporary layoff.
There were slightly fewer unemployed persons on temporary layoff, but their share of total unemployment still rose by half a percentage point to 14.
In recent months, Miller combated this lower demand by eliminating overtime and flex staffing, as well as offering the company's popular voluntary temporary layoff program to interested personnel.
According to a company spokesman, the company will place employees at Pomigliano on a temporary layoff scheme from September 24 to 28, and from October 1 to 5.
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