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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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Recall that a permanent layoff is much more costly for a worker than a temporary layoff, but the divergent trends in job-finding rates imply that the relative cost of a permanent layoff has become even bigger in the past 15 years.
Of the seven study states, Iowa and Montana had the largest shares of workers on temporary layoff (60 percent and 58 percent, respectively), while Hawaii (28 percent) and New Hampshire (31 percent) had the lowest shares.
The carmaker group has sent workers home from many of its Italian plants on temporary layoffs this year to cope with languishing car sales in Europe.
Under the temporary layoff scheme, part of the workers' salaries are paid by a government-administered fund that includes industry contributions.
The company expects this reorganization, which will result in the elimination of 61 jobs, and the temporary layoff of 26 workers, will cost C$ 2 million (US$ 1.
The production cuts will result in the temporary layoff of 700 workers in Oklahoma City and nearly 400 in LaVergne; the Warren County plant will be shut down during the weeks of Jan.
In implicit contract theoretic models (see, for instance, Wolcowitz, 1984), u can be interpreted as the proportion of attached employees, who at any moment of time are on temporary layoff or, alternatively, the probability that any particular attached worker is on temporary layoff.
These states are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington, The primary value of these work-sharing programs is the retention of knowledgeable, trained, and skilled employees who would possibly leave a company if a temporary layoff or hour reduction were to take place.
Nationwide, the fraction of job losers who were on temporary layoff in 1992 was smaller, and the proportion who were on permanent layoff was correspondingly larger, than they have been in twenty-five years.
Many were counted as unemployed and were considered on temporary layoff.
In this context, Technip's local management has started discussions with employee representatives on 18 May 2010 under the Finnish co-operation act to reduce the yard staff and labour workforce from 786 to 416 through a temporary layoff and termination process.
People on temporary layoff frequently do not apply for benefits because they expect to be recalled soon.
The board has until March 15 to notify certificated administrators - including college presidents, vice presidents and deans - that they could be targeted for a temporary layoff known as a furlough.
Fiat had originally planned to send 500 workers into early retirement and place 7,600 on temporary layoff programmes.
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