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the part of the Earth's surface between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer or between the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn

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The virus has not established long-term roots in temperate zones, and no one knows whether it has the chops to do so.
Over the last few decades, genetic improvements in corn have focused mainly on production in temperate zones, which have long days and short, cool nights.
Heinz Mehlhorn, Executive Board Member of the World Federation of Parasitologists, points out that the insects can transmit pathogens of human diseases that are no longer found exclusively in rural and urban regions in the tropics, but increasingly also in temperate zones where they are not normally expected to appear.
The standard climate change predictions said that people in the tropics and the sub-tropics would be badly hurt by global warming long before the people living in the temperate zones, farther away from the equator, were feeling much pain at all.
vivax strains from Eurasian temperate zones is statistically and clinically significantly longer than generally considered.
Many of those which originate in temperate zones are very well suited to smaller gardens, where they can create a most pleasing and architectural effect.
Then new mining and refining techniques gave rise to the modern phosphorus fertilizer industry-and farmers, particularly in the rich temperate zones of Europe and North America, quickly became hooked on quick, cheap, and easy phosphorus.
Using satellite-based fire records and 16 different climate-change models, an international team of researchers found that while wildfires will increase in many temperate zones due to rising temperatures, fire risk may actually decrease around the equator, especially in tropical rainforests, because of increased rainfall.
We are fairly comfortable with the fact that generally we have much less water than our neighbours, and even less still, when compared to countries in the temperate zones outside the influence of the so-called High Pressure Belt.
So if you look at almost everything, whether it's fisheries in temperate zones or coral reefs or Arctic sea ice, all of this is undergoing changes, but at a much faster rate than we had thought," Hoegh-Guldberg added.
High species richness of paramo has been attributed to the large geographic extension of the Andes, connections to temperate zones via continuous mountain chains, and age of the mountains (Simpson, 1983; Smith & Cleef, 1988; Hedberg, 1992; Simpson & Todzia, 1990).
Based on a comparison of the yields from the different harvests, it may be possible to grow Stevia rebaudiana economically in the temperate zones of the northern European hemisphere.
Basic building shell and ventilation energy efficiency measures are most cost-effective in cold climates, but have long paybacks in more temperate zones.
It demonstrates a range of urban solid waste and recycling systems across six continents, and illustrates how solid waste management works in practice in tropical and temperate zones, in small and large cities, in rich and poor countries, and at a variety of scales.
Temperate zones - the first parts of the world to industrialize - may be starting from a lower baseline of species loss, which could explain the gradual improvement in recent decades.