Temperate Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer or between the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn

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Within a few minutes, we have moved from a High Altitude Desert Zone to Continuously Wet Warm Temperate Zone," says Romeo.
Random selection was used to choose one county each from the semi-arid, humid and sub-humid zones and two counties in the temperate zone, being an area with high maize growing and dairy keeping activity.
But the planets are huddled up so close to the star that gravity might keep one side of the planets permanently facing the star, creating a temperate zone along the line where day turns to night, the researchers say.
Today it houses an extensive collection of temperate zone Asian plants.
And that's because the temperate zone has brought us two important benefits - industrialisation and seasons.
That was unfair, because it was the people of the rich countries in the temperate zone - North America, Europe and Japan, mainly - who industrialised early and started burning large amounts of fossil fuel as long as two centuries ago.
Plants native to the jungle should not be exposed to night temperatures below 55 degrees, whereas temperate zone plants may do their best at 40 degrees.
As temperatures shift, foreign flora and fauna relocate into the newly temperate zone, compromising the fragile ecology of Australia's rarefied alpine habitats.
But in much of the North Temperate Zone, September and October have the clearest and most transparent skies--perfect for the grand but delicate Milky Way glows.
vivax strains in Central America show anomalous temperate zone epidemiology, leading to a suggestion that temperature alone might be an insufficient predictor of regional epidemiology (33).
The enormous potential power in solar energy is revealed by measurements which show that solar heat reaches the earth in the Temperate Zone at the average rate of about 4,000,000 calories per square yard per day.
Our products and produce are known to be healthy as New Zealand sits in the world's temperate zone and, as such, boasts an abundance of unspoiled arable land," continued Jones.
Just one of the five planets in the system lies in this temperate zone.
This element includes 58 genera (Table 2) that are not only widely distributed in tropical and subtropical habitats of the New World, but also occur in the Palaeotropics and occasionally reach the temperate zone.
Coca-Cola and WWF - Pakistan organized a special media trip to highlight their joint sub-watershed management project in Ayubia National Park which falls in the moist temperate zone and is part of the Western Himalayan Ecoregion - one of the Global 200 Ecoregions.