Temperate Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer or between the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn

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There isn't all that much land in the southern temperate zone, and the vast expanses of ocean that surround it moderate the land temperatures.
vivax strains in Central America show anomalous temperate zone epidemiology, leading to a suggestion that temperature alone might be an insufficient predictor of regional epidemiology (33).
Our products and produce are known to be healthy as New Zealand sits in the world's temperate zone and, as such, boasts an abundance of unspoiled arable land," continued Jones.
Just one of the five planets in the system lies in this temperate zone.
Japan is located in a temperate zone in terms of climate.
This element includes 58 genera (Table 2) that are not only widely distributed in tropical and subtropical habitats of the New World, but also occur in the Palaeotropics and occasionally reach the temperate zone.
Bolivia's health problems at the beginning of the twentieth century were shaped by an unequal social and economic system, geographic and climatic diversity that required the treatment of both tropical and temperate zone diseases and ailments, and the lack of qualified medical personnel.
DISTRIBUTION: Nepal (tropics to warm temperate zone, up to 800 m altitude).
There was always a stretch of radiator which was hotter than the rest and the heat from it could penetrate your clothing suddenly, persuading you to move along to a more temperate zone.
Diversity of seasonal adaptations in terrestrial true bugs (Heteroptera) from the temperate zone.
On the indoor running track, one could be back in the temperate zone for 40 minutes, and that seemed to help.
Eden's second bubble-shaped biome is the warm temperate zone representing the climate of the Mediterranean, Southern Africa and California.
The third--or roofless--biome is the temperate zone which thrives on the climatic advantages that Cornwall has to offer.
The objective of this study was to compare PCB concentrations and patterns in urban soils of Bangkok with data from the temperate zone to detect indications for possible differences in sources and fate of PCBs.
We classify 46 countries as socialist during the post-war period, of which 31 are in the North temperate zone, and four are in the North sub-tropical zone.