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genus of hardy perennials with palmately lobed leaves and long racemes of small nodding five-petaled flowers

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Al-Malt and Tellima echoed Abol Fotoh's opinion, saying that the constitution should be widely discussed with the public before a referendum is called on it particularly that it will be a "take it or leave it" referendum.
Tellima said that although they did not decide to support a specific candidate in the upcoming elections, a number of the attendees tried to convince ElBaradei to re-nominate himself for presidency.
Moreover, Tellima praised the vision of the "Committee of the 100," but stressed that it is important for them not to force any candidate to waive for another and allow each one to have the right to run for the position he wants; either president or vice president.
Allozymic differentiation between Tolmiea menziesii and Tellima grandiflora (Saxifragaceae).
CAIRO: Member of Revolution Youth Coalition, Khaled Tellima, said Wednesday that the media falsely turned the call for a general strike on Feb.
Tellima told Al-Hayah Al-Youm talk show Wednesday that there has been no call for civil disobedience yet.
An excellent companion plant is the ground-hugging Tellima Purpurea that produces spikes of pink-fringed green bells in May and June.
Some of them are running with the support of the Alliance, including: Abdel Rahman Haridi, Islam Lotfy, Khaled Tellima, Mo'az Abdel Kerim and Yasser Refai, while each of Tarek Mounir and Amr Ezz, two leading figures of the April 6 Youth Movement and the Democratic Front Party, are running as independent candidates.
Five of these genera (Bensoniella, Conimitella, Elmera, Tellima, and Tolmiea) are monotypic and restricted in distribution to western North America.
Chloroplast capture has occurred between species of Heuchera, as well as between Tellima and Mitella (Soltis et al.
The first group (Group 1), comprises species of Lithophragma, Tellima grandiflora, Bensoniella oregona, Tolmiea menziesii, all species of Heuchera examined, and Mitella pentandra, M.
Tellima and Lithophragma are each monophyletic and form the sister group to Heuchera.
Within Group 1 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], the monophyly of Lithophragma is well supported (decay value of 16), as is the monophyly of Tellima (decay value of 4), samples of which represent both the "northern" and "southern" cpDNA types (Soltis et al.
trifida, and southern populations of Tellima grandiflora are closely allied.
The cpDNA and ITS trees differ, however, in the phylogenetic position of Conimitella within this clade and also in that geographically southern populations of Tellima are part of this cpDNA clade, but not the ITS clade.