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a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls

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4251-4, dealing with the application to prepaid telephone cards (phonecards) of the Sec.
Muscat: Two telephone card wholesale dealers in Muscat have filed a case with the local police and sought the help of Interpol to nab a retailer who allegedly ran away with RO50,000 last month.
The first type of prepaid telephone card is a "dollar value card.
The former Hart High star was to have begun his trial on a misdemeanor theft charge for allegedly running up a tab of about $40 on a stolen telephone card.
With this new telephone card, Mexican families benefit from innovative services to maintain their communication with their friends and relatives in Mexico.
95 CAD per month in six month packages; a prepaid telephone card and long distance discount bundles for calls anywhere in the world via its website, www.
Excluding the discontinued Philippine telephone card sales in the prior year, sales decreased 10.
For the 13- and 52-week periods ended August 31, 2003, comparable warehouse sales (excluding the telephone card sales in the Philippines) decreased 12.
For the 46-week period ended July 27, 2003, comparable warehouse sales (excluding the telephone card sales in the Philippines) decreased 6.
TELMEX USA, LLC alerts the Mexican-American community that a Prepaid Telephone Card printed with an unauthorized TELMEX logo for calling from the USA to Mexico is possibly still being sold in the USA.
Act's unique telephone card service offers an impressive range of basic services including: direct telephone service from over forty countries, instant worldwide voice mail retrieval, internet roaming, e-mail to speech conversion, facsimile mail retrieval internationally, bulletin board information and 24 hour travel assistance available globally.
Indian national and Dubai resident Hameed Kunnippar Paika, who works as a store clerk in a shipping firm located in Bur Dubai, has one such unique interest and collection of telephone cards.
Summary: Muscat: Most of us toss out telephone cards once they run out of credit, but .
Lotto, Western Union, Internet services, Telephone cards, Keys, etc, Easy to run, perfect Business for a family.
We see a lot of telephone cards littered everywhere.