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Synonyms for telegraphy

communicating at a distance by electric transmission over wire

apparatus used to communicate at a distance over a wire (usually in Morse code)


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MPE, Maladies a Potentiel Epidemique (case-based surveillance); NA, not available; TLOH, Telegramme Lettre Official Hebdomadaire (aggregate case counts).
Un telegramme du Quai d'Orsay precise que << le Vice President du Conseil a fait savoir a notre Ministre qu'il avait l'intention d'offrir soit a l'Universite de Paris, soit a la Faculte de droit de Paris 10 tonnes de vivres et de cigarettes (8) >>.
Mr Noyer told Le Telegramme newspaper that a downgrade for France - which would drive up the interest French Nicolas Paris pays to borrow and make loans in the wider economy more expensive - "doesn't strike me as justified based on economic fundamentals".
We do not want to attack Cuba, but we want Jean-Louis to have a fair trial," his brother Jean-Pierre told the French newspaper Le Telegramme during a rally in support of Autret last May.
When Bulgaria and Romania enter Schengen, that will mean that their borders become our borders," said Wauquiez in an interview for Tuesday's edition of French paper Le Telegramme de Brest.
There's a Vieux Telegramme, the second wine of the famous and rather pricey Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf du Pape.
Telegramme rug, pounds 399 from Habitat adds a wild element to your floor.
Public Invite, Interview, Government Relation or trade association officials, Strategy Ceremony, banquet and meeting, Cut ribbon, Present gift, Congratulatory signature, photo, telegramme or speech.
Inside, The Idyls, Telegramme, LP45 and The October Game, from London, will play.
Die volgende aand het die Kommuniste in die agterbuurt aan die onderpunt van 'n doodloopstraat byeengekom: van die platform af het hulle aangehou lees uit telegramme, en almal het die Internationale gesing; toe't hulle 'n bietjie gepraat, en toe't nog 'n telegram daar aangekom Hulle was arm en gekwel en luidrugtig; mens het gewonder hoe dit moontlik was dat hulle soveel goeie nuus kon kry wat geen verskil hoegenaamd gemaak het nie.
But when the telegramme announcing date and time for the rendez-vous was placed at the Casablanca post office, a French secret serviceman came up a few minutes later in German accent and said he had the wrong date--it should be put down as ten days later.
45) Telegramme de l'Ambassade du Portugal a Camberra au Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres portugais en date du 20 avril 1971, Cour internationale de justice, Affaire relative au Timor oriental (Portugal c.
The Kuching raid was notified in a circular telegramme from the Chief Secretary giving details of casualties.
In fact, Le Telegramme reported plans for an 'ambitious and concrete' role for France while it holds the presidency of the EU - nothing there to trouble the intense patriotism of the French people.