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communicating at a distance by electric transmission over wire

apparatus used to communicate at a distance over a wire (usually in Morse code)


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Qatar Airways is also interested in taking a stake in Air-France-KLM, but for now has been kept on the sidelines, De Telegraf said.
A suppliers group has said companies are owed tens of millions of crowns by Saab and Dutch newspaper De Telegraf reported yesterday that Saab s monthly tax payment is due tomorrow, while wages are due in two weeks time.
The popular daily De Telegraf paid a glowing hommage to the team, saying they had fought "like lions".
10, 2012 for an as yet unknown sum, says a copy of the agreement in the possession of the daily Telegraf, reports Nozare.
Andy van der Meyde, having just been released by Everton, decided to do an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraf to explain what the future holds for him.
Daniel Johnson: To court Arafat is to succour the enemy of our ally Israel, The Daily Telegraf, issue 45.
In mid-October 1998, Slavko Curuvija, editor and publisher of the now silent Dnevni Telegraf, co-authored an open letter to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that criticized the crackdown on the media and promoted the inclusion of "minorities in the highest political institutions.
Slavko Curuvija owner of the Belgrade Dnevni Telegraf newspaper, was shot dead by gunmen at his Belgrade apartment, Mr Robertson said.
Lastly, Amsterdam's De Telegraf proclaimed Cavalia as "A fairytale for the entire family
The list will be checked with the Macedonian Food and Veterinary Agency," officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Telegraf.
New Bulgarian Media Group" owns BBT TV channel, Weekend Weekly, Monitor Daily, the Telegraf Daily, the Politika Weekly, the tabloid Weekend, the local Veliko Turnovo daily "Borba", the local Plovdiv daily "Maritsa," and several other media outlets.
After Parex is broken up, its parts could be sold for between 500--700 million lats, reports telegraf.
New Bulgarian Media Group Holding, which publishes the Monitor and Telegraf dailies, as well as sports daily Meridian Match, is owned by Irena Krusteva, the former head of the Bulgarian State Lottery.