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Synonyms for teetotalism

the practice of refraining from use of alcoholic liquors

Synonyms for teetotalism

abstaining from alcohol


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HOLLYWOOD star Gwyneth Paltrow has starred in an advert for Martini despite being a yoga-loving tee-totaller herself.
My last proper job was a quality controller with Bass Breweries," laughed the tee-totaller.
A socialist and tee-totaller Rowse, considering his humble background, might well have become bitter and inclined towards left wing attitudes.
A near tee-totaller himself, Yogi allowed the squad a big party with supporters back in Inverness after the match before carefully refocusing minds through the rest of the week.
The project has been backed by Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon - well known as a tee-totaller.
With its dark wood bars with brass trimming and patterned ceramic tiling, the pub started life as a grocery shop belonging to Thomas Pumphrey, a Quaker and a strict tee-totaller.
The lifelong tee-totaller set Stoute on his way many moons ago and he was on site on Wednesday morning, when Tartan Bearer, Tajaaweed and Doctor Fremantle were put through their paces on Racecourse Side.
The name of the former tennis coach, jiu-jitsu black belt, tee-totaller and non-smoker has become a buzzword with his iconic interpretations capturing the glamour and style of Hollywood's Martini nightlife.
The God-fearing tee-totaller has certainly become a changed man since suffering a stroke.
Nolan is a tee-totaller so his body hasn't endured the same level of punishment as perhaps some of his teammates' have over the past week, though the adrenalin has given him enough of a rush.
Now he's feeling the injury tighten up again he admits he is back to life as a tee-totaller - on the advice of former England cr icket captai n Michael Vaughan.
He added that the tee-totaller was candid with the police, explaining he panicked and tried to get away.
A neighbouring town was home to a youth hostel owned by a tee-totaller named Lady Trevelyan.
While the talk in the pubs is that Heard was banned for excessive use of the buggy, The Dikler can disclose that the tee-totaller was blackballed after being seen attempting to jump the open ditch down the back straight.
Dr Geoff Scobie, of Glasgow University, says that viewers may have supported the scripture- reading tee-totaller because he was different from previous Big Brother contestants.