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Synonyms for teetotalism

the practice of refraining from use of alcoholic liquors

Synonyms for teetotalism

abstaining from alcohol


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Such is the tee-total Teesiders' charm that he has become a cult hero at all of the clubs he has served with distinction, Middlesbrough, Celtic, Ipswich, Hibernian and West Brom.
Tee-total Olympic medallist Katharine Merry has spoken of her "horrendous" two-week binge-drinking experiment for a television documentary where she was forced to down two bottles of wine every third day.
The occasional drink may be healthier than being completely tee-total according to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, adding yet another angle to the on-going health risks debate.
The Hoppings started life in 1882 as a temperance fair at a time when Victorian thinkers and do-gooders across the country chose to preach the virtues of being tee-total.
Delia Tee-total Delia grew up on the family farm in Ballygar, County Galway.
The tee-total midfielder has been offered PS130,000-a-week to stay at The Etihad Stadium.
He has since quit his 60 cigarettes a day habit and is tee-total.
Tee-total and with a permanent grin, Sykes will carry the No.
Instead, I'll be delivering my tee-total findings in January, when hopefully you can read and decide whether my experience makes you want to give it a try.
uk The upside, of course, to unexplained throat pain is that my tee-total self can justify a wee dram of an evening and there's also the high jinks involved in an impromptu visit to the walk-in clinic.
He is tee-total, he looks after his body and he's had a really strong injury-free run, which in the past he hasn't really had.
A TEE-TOTAL taxi driver who claimed raspberries made him drunk before he got behind the wheel was banned for 18 months yesterday.
Yet unlike many tee-total sportsmen the talented left-winger, from Cardiff, denies it's a footballing decision.