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Comportamiento del incremento en altura total y altura de fuste limpio a lo largo de un ano en una plantacion de Tectona grandis L.
The cultivation of Tectona grandis irrigated with saline water may represent an important source of income in semi-arid regions.
2009) Vochysia guatemalensis Hieronyma alchorneiodes Montero & Kanninen (2002) Terminalia amazonia Perez & Kanninen (2003) Tectona grandis Autor Ecuacion Sanquetta, Farinha & PVF = -0,3074 + Eduardo (2008) [D.
Tectona grandis (teca) en Costa Rica se ha utilizado en proyectos de reforestacion con fines comerciales (Boley, Drew y Andrus, 2009), se caracteriza por tener una madera con excelentes propiedades fisicas (Tewari, Sukumar, Kumar y Gadow, 2014), mecanicas (Aristide, Christophe, Sossou, Malahimi y Antoine, 2015) y atractivo estetico (Boley et al.
2012a) analyzed the potential of sewage sludge to produce seedlings of Tectona grandis and concluded that this is a viable alternative, because of the good results obtained, saving of fertilizers and environmental benefit.
El futuro de la teca en la America Tropical: Estudio sobre Tectona grandis en el Caribe, Centro America, Venezuela y Colombia.
Mamgain, Fatty Acid Composition and Elemental Analysis of Seed Oil of Tectona Grandis Collected from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, Int.
Adekunle V, Alo A, Adekayode F (2011) Yields and nutrient pools in soils cultivated with Tectona grandis and Gmelina arborea in Nigerian rainforest ecosystem.
During their 12-month hiatus Steve has pursued his popular solo Grow Your Own Gig tour of village halls, while Phil has been out on the West Country waters with his Folkboat combo, presenting sailing/music workshops aboard the 74-foot Bristol built wooden cutter Pegasus and 12-berth ketch Tectona.
In this survey, two positive treeholes were found from the tree species of Albizia procera, Azardirachta indica, Tectona grandis, Lagerstroemia parviflora with 4, 140, 9 and 9 larvae respectively (Table 1).
IBA was also superior to AIA and ANA in Camellia sinensis (ROUT, 2006), to ANA in Tectona grandis (HUSEN; PAL, 2007) and to AIA in Cloezia buxifolia and Cloezia aquarum (LEMAY et al.