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Canthariduspliciferus Schepman, 1908 from the Sulu Archipelago is simply a subadult specimen of the present species and Tectaria montrouzieri Fischer, 1878 from New Caledonia, is a very typical adult (Herbert 1996), albeit rather small.
Dimensions: Largest specimen (holotype of Tectaria armata), length 15.
1986 [published 1987], Studies in the fern-genera allied to Tectaria Cav.
Based on a broad sampling of eupolypod ferns and four plastid genes (arpA, atpB, rbcL, rps4), we show that Dracoglossum does not belong to the genus Tectaria Cav.
On rocks in small streams in Neotropical rainforests, a most peculiar fern occurs, which until recently was known as Tectaria plantaginea (Jacq.
From the distributions maps, one can readily discern the most common (often weedy) ferns in Nicaragua: Adiantum concinnum, Blechnum occidentale, Lygodium venustum, Microgramma percussa, Pityrogramma calomelanos, Tectaria heracleifolia and T.
1966) erroneously took the name as a legitimate basionym and thus unintentionally established a new name: Tectaria plantaginea (Jacq.