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an expert who is a member of a highly skilled elite group

an advocate of technocracy

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While former finance minister Ishaq Dar and Hafiz Abdul Karim were elected on technocrat seats by securing 155 votes and 160 votes, respectively.
Twenty-five candidates are contesting the polls from Balochistan, of which 15 will contest for General seats, six for Women seats, and four will contest for seats reserved for Technocrats.
For women seats, papers of all eight candidates were accepted and for technocrats, all six candidates' nomination papers were accepted.
PTI's Azam Swati had submitted papers for Technocrat while PPPP's Faisal Sakhi Butt and Behramand had submitted papers for general seats.
Using blockchain technologies, we will be able to not only distribute the checks-and-balances role across different agencies, but we will remove the ability of technocrats to deliberately and technically sabotage the system.
Shri Naqvi said that the Centre has ensured a better atmosphere for technocrats and other professionals.
Also worth mentioning is the fact that the role of technocrats in social, political, and economic decision making is still influenced, to some extent, by ideology.
Similarly, 36 females are in the run against 15 seats for women in Municipal Corporation, 12 against five seats for minorities, 6 against 2 seats of laborers, six against two seats of technocrats and 4 against one seat for youth.
This will be the first visit of troika technocrats since.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "stop demonstrations and evaluating the deteriorating situation in various fields will be if there is a real reform, and sacking the three presidencies and forming a government of technocrats away from partisan quotas.
Iraq's parliament is not in agreement with PM Haidar al-Abadi over his cabinet of technocrats lined up to stem rampant corruption and nepotism in the government.
And the formation of a government of technocrats requires from al-Abadi to obtain authorization from the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
e)4 technocrats including Ulema from each province total 16.
He shared an engineering and business management background with a number of other technocrats who served the Marcos regime, a background gained from elite schools here and abroad (i.
Do we need to give up our democratic rights in favour of appointed technocrats, who use their professional excellence to deliver what we want?