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Italian operatic soprano (born in 1922)

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It consists of estimating a cross-country regression of homicide rates (a measure of crime and violence) against institutions and other covariates by means of an instrumental variable estimator and alternative instruments for institutions (Davis 2016; Tebaldi and Mohan 2010; La Porta et al.
the magnitude of the temperature during a heat wave), which is also expected to increase in the future (Meehl and Tebaldi 2004).
Aironi drew first blood in nine minutes when scrumhalf Tito Tebaldi slotted a penalty for offside.
There was a very big impact on walk-in business that came from over the bridge in Chicopee, and also our deliveries go out that way had to do a major detour," Lonnie Tebaldi of Napa Auto Parts said.
The Gittell and Tebaldi paper contributes to knowledge about poverty by examining how metropolitan area fiscal tax structure and spending - specifically local property taxes and sales taxes and spending on education --affect poverty rates and their persistence.
But Italy, coached by former South Africa boss Nick Mallett, were rewarded when Tito Tebaldi set up Parisse for a canter over the line.
REPS: Ongaro, Aguero, Bortolami/Bernabo, Sole/Vosawai, Tebaldi, Bocchino, Canale.
Replacements: Robertson for Masi (55) Canavosio for Tebaldi (53), Aguero for Perugini (55) Ongaro for Ghiraldini (75).
The England full-back stabbed a grubber kick behind the defence but Italian scrum-half Tito Tebaldi slid in with a lastgasp clearance.
The cast in this 1958 recording of Puccini's heartbreaking opera of cultural collisions between a brash United States and a culturally gracious Japan could scarcely be bettered, headed by Renata Tebaldi, gratifyingly girlish as the 15-year-old geisha Cio-Cio-San, and Carlo Bergonzi outstanding as the boorish Lieutenant Pinkerton.
All star the great Puccini soprano Renato Tebaldi, who conductor Arturo Toscanini thought had "la voce d'angelo" (the voice of an angel).
The model developed by NCAR scientists Gerald Meehl and Claudia Tebaldi used data from 1961-1990 and projections for 2080-2099 to predict the effects of greenhouse gases and sulfate aerosols on the climate in Europe and the United States, focusing specifically on Chicago and Paris.
Just as opera queens relish debating the relative merits of Callas and Tebaldi in every role they ever sang, show folk can't resist measuring subsequent Roses (Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daly, Rosalind Russell, Bette Midler) against the ferocious standard set by Ethel Merman in the original production of Gypsy.
We want to educate people about the high cost of getting rid of these types of materials--which continue to grow as part of our waste stream," said the city's head of solid waste management, Al Tebaldi.
This is evident in the great La Boheme recordings of the past: De los Angeles, Bjorling, and Beecham (EMI); Freni, Pavarotti, and Karajan (Decca); Tebaldi, Bergonzi, and Serafin (Decca).