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a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication

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The medication information pad contains tear sheets with details on the prescription drugs Metformin, Glitazones, Acarbose, and Sulphonylureas.
The remainder of the examples and illustrations are from carefully restored tear sheets and comics from the collections of the author and artist.
However, most publishers supply reprints, tear sheets, or copies at nominal cost.
Educators will also receive four-color, custom tear sheets to distribute to morns-to-be.
Put your tear sheets onto a `mood board' to see how they all look together.
A:I'M glad you enjoy it _ although, as you tend to collect tear sheets rather than the whole issues, why not invest in a box file to keep all your clippings together?
What I saw in the window piqued my interest, and I headed inside to see if I could grab tear sheets and artist info, or even chat with the gallery owner.
He also welcomes tear sheets for possible use in this column.
We have a variety of good packages we can use, sample issues, tear sheets, and the post-it note.
The primary tools in a packet of materials recently mailed to ACOG's 40,000 members are tear sheets in English and Spanish.
We have found these tear sheets to be an excellent tool.
Please request permission, acknowledge the Society as a source, and supply tear sheets.
Naturally, being a patriotic citizen, I signed up to man the phone banks and to tear sheets into bandages once the revolution begins.
The company has also developed in-store handouts, tear sheets, hang tags and a direct-mail program to target Eddie Bauer catalog customers who have made purchases within the past year.
It's in the air between us as the next true moment after I yell, tear sheets away, spring from bed and you, faster, grapple, wrestle me back from the bedroom door.