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an industrial union of truck drivers and chauffeurs and warehouse workers

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The Orlando withdrawal marks the seventh defeat for the Teamsters Union in their attempts to organize workers at Con-way Freight.
During a negotiation session in March, Teamsters union President James "Jim" Hoffa said a group of Teamsters began chanting "we won't pay" in a display of their opposition to the proposal, adding that it was a non-starter for the union.
According to the union, the mechanics have been Teamsters since 2009 and had been given the option of voting for either the Teamsters Union, AMFA or no union.
There has been so much contraction in the newspaper industry in general that the wise choice was to affiliate with a union that is growing -- the Teamsters Union.
A tentative United Parcel Service agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union would benefit YRC Worldwide Inc.
Opponents, including the Teamsters Union, worry that drivers forced to swerve around cyclists would place themselves on a collision course with oncoming traffic, especially on narrow roads.
Louis, MO, have been notified that they have lost their jobs to replacement workers, a Teamsters union official reports.
Metallic Lathers Union Local 46, NYC District Council of Carpenters, Teamsters Union Local 282, and United Masons Union Local 780.
safety standards before they are allowed to begin traveling freely throughout the United States, but that promise did little to mollify the Teamsters Union and other protectionist labor organizations.
The panel cited what it termed "substantial" evidence that Overnite violated federal labor laws by committing misconduct against Teamsters Union members.
The local Teamsters Union has also opposed the boycott on the grounds that it puts union cannery jobs in danger.
And, just as it did in 1902, the Teamsters Union wields enormous power.
When Green Giant displaced 800 Mexican and Chicana women workers at its Watsonville, California, plant, the workers and their local Teamsters union decided to do something about it.
Members of the International Typographical Union rejected a merger with the Teamsters union, leading to the possibility that the Typographical Union might renew merger talks with the Graphic Communications International Union.
The leadership of the Teamsters is selected democratically by the members," said Richard Mark, the court-appointed Election Supervisor for the Teamsters Union.