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Synonyms for Teach

give lessons in


Synonyms for Teach

to impart knowledge and skill to

Synonyms for Teach

an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)

accustom gradually to some action or attitude

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And at Concord--still a small school with 85 online teachers--law instructors must, at minimum, have some degree of technical ease, Internet access, and a demonstrated ability to teach via written communication.
The vulgarities of faculty culture may lead publication-oriented faculty to value the contributions of the library and the skills needed to use it, but not to highly value those who teach those skills.
They also need an awareness of how to teach young children, which is the most difficult thing.
Last year, Randy Moore, a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, published a study finding that many biology teachers simply downplay evolution or don't teach it at all because they either fear controversy or are themselves sympathetic to creationism.
For instance, to receive National Board certification to teach high-school math, teachers are to demonstrate mastery of 11 standards, including: commitment to students and their learning, the art of teaching, reflection and growth, and reasoning and thinking mathematically.
I teach two classes a semester, meeting twice a week for two hours each.
But the church does not teach that she has "no authority whatsoever" to ordain as bishops anyone who is enamored of wealth and prestige.
Teach For America (TFA), the recent private reincarnation of the sixties Teacher Corps, says yes.
Lortie (1975) longed believed that predispositions developed through the "apprenticeship of observation" are central to one's process of learning to teach.
most of the teachers seemed to view the ability to teach 'on the fly' as something to be emulated.
I get to teach my favorite subject to great students and work with a great staff.
Determined to see the Martha Graham Dance Company perform in New York City on May 9, 2002, she was also scheduled to teach dance classes at the St.
It is not enough to allow individuals into the classrooms that have intense preparation in the discipline that they desire to teach but they must also know how to teach in regards to the cognitive and emotional dynamics of learners.
The alleged argument for this assertion is that most theologians today teach this.