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a peninsula in northern Siberia

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Inland sites included those from the Indigirka River Delta west to the Taymyr Peninsula (a difference in distance of ~1700 km) and north to the New Siberian Islands (Fig.
Two of the four birds returned to inland sites different from those they had used the previous summer, one at the Lena River Delta (~750 km from previous site) and the other near the Taymyr Peninsula (-1100 km from previous site).
A single ESR date of 715 ka obtained from the Taymyr Peninsula (77[degrees]21.
In all likelihood, during this period the area from the Kola Peninsula in the west to the Taymyr Peninsula in the east was covered by waters of transgressive seas with typical marine fauna (Hiatella arctica, Mya truncata, Macoma ssp.
In the Taymyr Peninsula it reaches 70[degrees]N, while on the eastern edge of Eurasia it runs down the Pacific coastline to 59[degrees]N on the mainland and as far south as 55[degrees]N (approximately the latitude of Copenhagen) in the Komandorskiye Ostrova islands, off the southeastern coastline of Kamchatka, the most southerly area of tundra in Eurasia.
The tundra areas with the most continental climate are in the eastern part of the Taymyr Peninsula and spread east to the River Kolyma across the plains of the rivers Lena, Yana, and Indigirka.
1993) for the birds from Greenland, Poland, and Vaigach Island, and also for birds with "immigrant" haplotypes from the Taymyr Peninsula and Lena River delta in Russia.
For hierarchical analysis on a global scale, we assigned sampled populations of dunlins to five geographic regions corresponding to the phylogeographic divisions identified in the NJ tree, as follows: Alaska (northern Alaska, western Alaska); eastern Siberia (Anadyr); central Siberia (Lena River Delta, Taymyr Peninsula, Yamal Peninsula); Europe (Yamal Peninsula and Vaigach Island; northern Norway; Poland and Germany and Denmark; Sweden; southern Norway; Iceland and Greenland); Canada (Florida and Texas).
The single map presents the Taymyr Peninsula with English titles, although the titles do not always correspond to transliterated Russian designations in the text (as, Upper and Lower Taymyr rivers on the map are named in the text as Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Taymyr rivers, without reconciliation).
In the tundra of the Taymyr Peninsula, 226 species of lichen have been identified.
Lake Taymyr is a large lake in the Taymyr peninsula, the most northerly area of Eurasia, with an ice-free period of about three months.
When asked whether reduced breeding success was caused mainly by weather or by predation, most field researchers in those areas answered "both"; only at one site, Pronchishcheva Lake on the Taymyr Peninsula, was predation clearly held responsible for breeding failure (Fig.
Nowadays, the wild reindeer has been able to survive the human pressure only in the Taymyr Peninsula.
The main stream of eastbound migration was directed toward the sector 90-120 [degrees] and that of westbound migration toward the sector 240-270 [degrees]; these directions are broadly in parallel with the coasts of the Arctic Ocean east and west of the Taymyr Peninsula, respectively.
I report here for the first time measured flight speeds of Ross's and Sabine's gulls, obtained by optical range finder on the northeast Taymyr peninsula, Siberia.