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Taxodium distichum, or the swamp cypress which is another native of America.
Celtis laevagata, Liquidambar styraciflua, Taxodium distichum) and old-growth beech (Fagus grandiflora)--magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) forests, old-field vegetation, and improved pasture.
2006) cited that Stictolobus minutus (Funkhouser) (Ceresini) used Taxodium distichum (Cupressaceae) as unique host plant.
Itea virginica is also known at least sometimes to be an understory shrub in Taxodium Rich.
The needles of the Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum, and Pond Cypress, Taxodium ascendens, turn a tawny, cinnamon color in autumn, which, with the setting sun, gives the swamp a warm, mysterious glow.
The dominant species at the slough edges were Zizaniopsis miliacea (giant cutgrass) and Taxodium distichum (bald cypress).
Caddo Lake, located in northeast Texas on the Texas-Louisiana border, offered a unique study site since it is dominated by extensive stands composed entirely of Taxodium distichum (L.
Along this downstream reach, the river broadens and slows, becoming almost slough-like, and is dominated with Taxodium distichum (L.
Lastly, black walnuts (Juglans nigra) and cones of Taxodium were part of the wood assemblage.
Allelochemical resistance of bald cypress, Taxodium distichum, heartwood to the suberranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus.
An rbcL sequence from a Miocene Taxodium (bald cypress), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 89: 499-501.
As I passed serried ranks of oak, liquidambar, taxodium and amelanchier in their autumn colours, one species that really stood out was nyssa, its leaves aflame in bright orange and red.