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an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities

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For example, in California this is accomplished by filing Form 3500A, Submission of Exemption Request, and attaching a copy of the organization's federal determination letter; North Carolina requires a tax-exempt organization to send the Department of Revenue a copy of its articles of incorporation and bylaws to demonstrate its exempt purpose before it will grant an exemption from North Carolina income and franchise taxes.
At issue were a number of tax code provisions that allow churches, which are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, to receive benefits beyond the standard exemption that other tax-exempt organizations have.
Compendium of Studies of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 1989-1998
Almost all of the published case law from Florida deals with homeowner or condominium associations, (2) which are a type of tax-exempt organization.
The FTB is mailing notices to the more than 260,000 tax-exempt organizations meeting the criteria to file using FTB 199N, also known as the e-postcard.
The IRS has made great efforts to inform small tax-exempt organizations and small businesses about this healthcare tax credit, in part by mailing millions of postcards to small employers.
On Form 8921, the tax-exempt organization will assign a "structured transaction identifier" to each transaction and provide a description of the allocation formulas, interest rates and other terms that govern the arrangement.
Accordingly, such ventures have traditionally been structured so that the tax-exempt organization maintains a majority of shares in the venture and control over the board of directors.
If a tax-exempt organization is not believed to be subject to a harassment campaign, it must supply the documents when requested (if done so in person) or within 30 days from receipt o a written request.
The Revenue Reconciliation Bill of 1995, if enacted, would clarify the treatment of Subpart F income earned by a controlled foreign corporation (CFC) in which a tax-exempt organization is a U.
A second tax issue that arises when forming an MCV is whether such an entity may itself qualify as a tax-exempt organization.
For example, the redesigned Form 990 instructions ask whether a tax-exempt organization has conflict-of-interest, document-retention and whistleblower policies that had been adopted by the board of directors by the end of the tax year.
The new rule that almost every tax-exempt organization must annually file an information return with the IRS to maintain status will be quickly adopted by the sector, raising the expectation that basic transparency is required to be a tax-exempt organization.
An audit committee can serve a useful role in the governance of a tax-exempt organization.
In a letter ruling, the Internal Revenue Service dealt with a tax-exempt organization that maintained a teaching hospital formed a wholly-owned captive which reinsured an admitted carrier which had provided medical malpractice insurance to the exempt organization, full-time faculty members, several other hospitals and full-time resident physicians employed by the hospitals.