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government income due to taxation

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In the first 11 months the consolidated income tax revenues showed an annual increase of NT$51.
Among the few categories that saw increases, gasoline tax revenues rose 49.
New Jersey enacted major legislation in 2002,labeled the Business Tax Reform Act (BTRA), to address declining corporate income tax revenues, which had dropped from 15% in 1982 to just 6% of total revenue collected in 2001.
The recently approved state budget relies on a complicated tax swap that allows state officials to borrow nearly $11 billion to bridge the state's revenue shortfall, but could prevent Santa Clarita from taking advantage in the coming years of the projected growth in sales tax revenue.
In July, there were 46,700 land value increment tax cases reported, down by 3,300 cases from a month earlier; yet in the first seven months the land value increment tax revenues accumulated to NT$47 billion (US$1.
Earlier, a part of gasoline tax revenues had been put into a special account for road construction, separate from the general account.
City Administrative Officer Bill Fujioka said the downturn in sales tax and hotel bed tax revenues started before the attack, with a drop of $7 million from budget projections for the past three months - representing an actual loss of $3.
Luxury tax revenues for June totaled about NT$100 million (US$3.
But what many do not realize is that we achieved these surpluses by restraining spending and by cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, thus producing higher incomes and thus higher income tax revenues.
14, 2010 (CENS) -- Taiwan's tax revenues totaled NT$1.
Japan's tax revenues for fiscal 2008 will most likely fall far below the government's latest projection of 46,429.
The city's latest independent audit of roughly $16 million in sales tax revenues collected from October 1998 through September 1999 shows that 11 local automobile dealerships and credit leasing agencies dominated the list of Santa Clarita's top 25 sales tax generators, according to city accounting reports.