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a way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings

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The B&O tax exemption for fruits and vegetables, and wholesale sales to persons who transport the goods out of state in the ordinary course of business, is extended until July 1, 2025.
The matter of tax exemption came under discussion at the 2nd conference of the Universities treasures held here today at COMSAT.
It was decided that a committee of treasurers will meet the chairman Higher Education Commission to take up the matter of non-issuing of tax exemption certificates to public sector Universities with chairman CBR.
Anytime the Senate Banking Chairman is asked about the credit union tax exemption, it is newsworthy.
Cuomo today outlined new tax exemptions proposed in the 2015-16 Executive Budget that will further the rapid growth of the wine, beer, cider and spirits industries.
Global Banking News-February 5, 2015--Indian central bank calls for higher tax exemptions
Therefore, the provincial assembly recommended the matter to provincial government to further recommend it to federal government to return the three-year tax exemptions (July 2009 to June 30, 2012) granted as announcement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and withdraw the appeal filed by FBR against the decision of PHC from the Supreme Court and grant income tax exemption to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa according to its true spirit.
She said she has found that many people are unaware of the tax exemptions and whether they qualify for them.
For both states, sales tax exemption eligibility hinges on meeting that direct-use standard.
Insurance companies will expect the tax exemption ceiling from investments like provident fund, insurance premiums etc to be raised from the current a[sup.
We knew our client could save a considerable amount of money by getting the tax exemption.
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) noted that the taxation brackets, four major tax exemption and deduction amounts, and income tax exemption/deduction amounts of retirees will all be raised.
Should nonprofit health care leaders take steps to develop and promote a more specific standard for tax exemption, either along the lines of the approach recently enacted in Illinois or something else?
THE income tax department has revoked tax exemption to trusts run by yoga guru Baba Ramdev and slapped a notice of ` 58 crore on them.
gt;> Investment Promotion System: Income tax exemption subject to submission and inspection of the investment plan.