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KIM Howells (below), Number Two in the Department of Transport, thinks petrol in the UK is not expensive enough, and that the best way to get us on to public transport is to tax us out of our cars.
SAM ADAMS: It isn't enough for the British to tax us.
They're going to tax us into being good and nice and sweet.
As for tax aid to sectarian schools, while the threat to have Congress tax us for the support of religious institutions has subsided, new battles are breaking out in the states.
Tax us all and spend it on poxy bus and cycle lanes
Now the left (Miliband and Clegg) want to tax what we own, so there is little doubt that after their Mansion Tax, they will try to tax us for having a garden, a kitchen over a certain size or value, a large TV, an expensive camera, watch or our wife's jewellery: in other words a return to the old luxury tax or lets screw anyone who has something we don't have, which we used to call an envy tax.
This is then used to tax us and limit our freedoms in the name of "saving the world for the children".
Not only do they want to increase their spending budget which means a hefty increase in our membership fee, now they wish to tax us all direct from Brussels.
After all, they tax us on every other conceivable thing we do, except breath, sleep and pass wind.
WE are taxed when we work, we are taxed to drive to work and now they want to tax us for parking our cars at work.
To tax us for our carbon production is pointless, as the money will be returned
Especially if the Government is determined to tax us into oblivion on the roads.
I know much of the situation is beyond our Government's control, but their insistence to tax us up to the hilt contributes.
OUR MPs are going out of their way to convince us of their green credentials, and are busily inventing radical ways to force us to change our living habits and tax us differently to make us more green.
Firstly, regardless of how they raise the money, it seems likely the Lib Dems will tax us more than the current regime.