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The difference between competition regarding rates and base leads to the question whether the SALT deduction should nudge states and localities towards competition as to a particular set of tax bases and, if so, which ones?
51) Thus, states have not only moved to less stable tax bases in general (e.
Finally, states have allowed their localities to use speculative land-secured financing techniques in ways that contributed to the over-heating of the housing market and, amidst the crash, these financings have further undermined state and local tax bases.
199 deduction, requiring an addback to the state tax base.
The DOR ruled (51) that a manufacturer is required to add back property taxes it had expensed and deducted for Federal income tax purposes, to compute its state adjusted gross income tax base.
The submission is the outgrowth of the European Chapter's participation in a workshop held by the Commission on March 18 on the use of IAS in developing a consolidated tax base for EU-wide activities.
In respect of using IAS for company tax purposes, TEI is pleased to submit the following written comments on the Consultation Document, The application of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in 2005 and the implications for the introduction of a consolidated tax base for companies' EU-wide activities issued in February 2003 ("Consultation Document").
Alabama law grants a resident company considerable leeway in controlling both its tax base and its tax liability.
Of critical importance, according to Justice Breyer, was that Alabama law defined a domestic corporation's tax base as including only one item--the par value of capital stock--which a domestic company could set at whatever level it chose.
State and local governments will use common tax bases and accept responsibility for notice of rate and boundary changes.
The work group examining tax bases and exemptions researched the use of exemption certificates and recommended:
Phase Two of the Project, which is expected to last throughout 2001, will address the development of additional uniform tax base definitions, the uniform tax return, and any recommended modifications to the model legislation arising from the conduct of the certified service provider pilot project.
The Task Force also reached a consensus that the tax effects of all changes in the tax bases of assets and liabilities caused by transactions among or with shareholders should be included in equity.
2) should the tax effects of all changes in the tax bases of assets and liabilities caused by transactions among or with shareholders be included in equity?
Accordingly, if both the LLC and its owners are taxable in Florida, the LLCs income is subject to double taxation--the LLC itself is subject to Florida tax and the LLCs income is included in the corporate owners' Florida tax base.