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(logic) a statement that is necessarily true

useless repetition

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For example, natural language understanding in humans, which is often addressed in computational linguistics conferences, really does seem to involve understanding--as tautologous as that sounds, the focus of most natural language processing work these days is not on understanding, but on doing as much as one can without positing an understanding component.
SIR - Brian Davies wonders why the media, not to mention the rest of us, use the tautologous term headbutt when just butt will do (Western Mail, Letters, July 15).
Yet, if formal empathy is to avoid becoming tautologous with "favoring structural explanation", it must remain independent of the latter description.
Indeed, nearly half of his book demonstrates with rigor and candor why scientific models yielding worst-case-scenario predictions for environmental catastrophe are uncertain, unverifiable, oversimplified and tautologous.
That it is pompous and dull, even tautologous, need not concern us.
The first claim is tautologous and hardly worth mentioning, except for the fact that many people and their communities routinely ignore its truth.
The limitation of Frank's second definition of demoralization is its sheer breadth and a tendency toward the tautologous.
An obvious reader presents itself; languages are not tautologous, Industry, Industrie, Industria, give very different ideas to an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Italian, and Spaniard.
The proposition that the achievement of constitutional government requires its proper understanding may seem self-evident and even faintly tautologous.
But fictional worlds accounts of the process of interpretative mediation between fictions and life seem to be tautologous.
Aristotle's own elaboration on this analysis, which at first may seem tautologous, is in fact simply false.
Wittgenstein sharply opposes this viewpoint and provides three justifications for his doctrine of ineffable showing: 1) saying what shows itself in language is redundant, or tautologous, since it only duplicates the same declaration (Notebooks 109); 2) the attempt to say what can only be shown is not a bipolar proposition and therefore it is nonsense (Tractatus 6.
I am saying that "genre variation" makes no sense as a parallel to "register variation" because while you can talk about language (registers) varying across genres, it is tautologous to talk about genres (text categories) varying across genres or situations.
Phillip Johnson, a creationist, recently wrote a book titled Darwin on Trial,9 which makes the by-now familiar claims that Darwinism is a poor theory both on logical grounds ("survival of the fittest" as a mechanism for change is tautologous and lacks any predictive power) and on evidentiary grounds (the evidence is sparse for the existence of intermediate forms of life, and the rate at which micromutations can occur is not rapid enough to explain the current diversity in life forms).
If one accepts Belk's definition of materialism, it is tautologous to suggest that materialism causes possessiveness, nongenerosity, and/or envy, for he views these attributes as defining subdimensions of materialism.