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an ancient city in northwestern Iran

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IB Tauris published Reeves' first book, a political biography of Alice Bacon, the first woman to represent Leeds in the House of Commons, in December.
One of the key results of the study conducted by Tauris and van den Heuvel is that the observed parameters reflect that both white dwarfs were indeed produced in the present system.
The Tauris ankle holster is built to keep your back-up secure until you need it.
Iphigenie is now a shower attendant at the death camp, a grotesque parody of her traditional role at Tauris, although she is still presiding over human sacrifices, or, to be more accurate, over human holocausts.
John Crilly hit the game's second equaliser on the hour but Omagh never really looked capable of breaching the Tauris defence twice more.
Technically speaking, this was part of the festival's opera program, but with Bausch's staging of Gluck's Iphigenie auf Tauris ("lphigenia in Tauris") and Miranda Richardson straying into the realms of physical theater with Robert Wilson's version of Orlando, demarcation lines between art forms are not easy to define.
So why has this book been written, and why have Tauris published it?
Iphigeneia's story was also popular with later dramatists, providing the plot of Iphigenie by Jean Racine and of Ihigenie auf Tauris by J.
The simultaneous absence of evidence for accretion disks and energetic outflows in naked T Tauris strongly supports the existence of a link between the accretion and outflow processes in young stellar objects.
After murdering his mother, Clytemnestra (see Oresteia ), Orestes has been pursued by the Furies (see Erinyes ), and Apollo has said he will be cured of madness only if he rescues the statue of Artemis from the savage inhabitants of Tauris (the Crimea), who kill all Greeks they find in their country.
Online book news company The Bookseller announced on Thursday that independent publishing house, IB Tauris has acquired the World rights from the author of a book about Nigerian terror group Boko Haram.
In the scenario of Paulo Freire and Thomas Tauris, a massive white dwarf star accretes matter and angular momentum from a normal companion star and grows beyond the critical Chandrasekhar mass limit.
Morocco: The Traveller's Companion by Margaret Bidwell and Robin Bidwell, Tauris Parke Paperbacks, pp309.
One of the Tauris holster designs Mike says is at the top of the "most-copied" list, is his snap holster.
KINOfiles Film Companion I) London and New York: Tauris.