cheddar cheese

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hard smooth-textured cheese

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It was then on for a meal in a traditional restaurant, complete with tasty cheese fondue and impressive entertainment from some yodellers.
Chocolate-covered Cheesecake Bars in vanilla and strawberry flavors are new from Toronto, Canada-based Tasty Cheese.
The bread was nice and light and doughy, although our ever-hungry testers did think that the tasty cheese topping could have been a bit more generous.
Getting to sample lots of tasty cheese is an added bonus
Members of the Manatee County Bar Association battered and fried fish and stirred the tasty cheese grits; Participants applauded -- on fish, attorneys Tim Knowles and Jim Knowles; cheese grits, Bart Ray, Karl Youngs, and Gilbert Smith Jr.
Created to appeal especially to the tastes of young adults, Goldfish Crisps are munchable, medium-sized, flat Goldfish crackers with tasty cheese flavors and superior crunch.
In the savoury version, the scone stays pretty much the same, only it's one with plenty of tasty cheese and frizzled onions, and the jam is replaced by a fresh red tomato chutney.
Kids and parents alike will love these tasty cheese croquettes, either as part of a meal or as a warm snack.
Suppan's father, Larry, quickly reels off the keys to a classic, tasty cheese steak.
Ferreting underneath, I found melting tasty cheese on top of lots of an interesting ratatouille, which was quite sweet but with a spicy kick.