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Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)

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Tuttavia questo procedimento tradisce quello che era l'intento del Tasso di costruire un poema dall'architettura narrativa rigorosa, diversa da quella del Furioso, giocata, per mezzo deWentrelacement, sull'intrecciare tra loro tutti gli episodi sulla tela di molte fila.
Earlier scholars such as Bartolomeo Maranta (who published in 1564) had explicitly associated meraviglia with the epic genre, but Maranta defines the term as a simple aesthetic pleasure; (31) Tasso draws on a newer definition developed by Longinus's early translators, ultimately defining the concept as poetic astonishment or ravishment.
In tutto il processo, fondamentale risulta il ruolo di Scipione Gonzaga che per due anni riceve, smista e in parte copia i canti che Tasso invia da Ferrara, per discuterli con i revisori i cui commenti trasmette all'ansioso poeta.
I first heard of graffiti in a television report," Tasso recalled.
The only aspect worse than the poet's loss of reason itself, in Layng's eyes, was that it was interspersed by periods of lucidity, in which Tasso glimpsed and recorded the extent of his derangement, "so that he suffer'd the only addition that cou'd be made to his misery, in a strong, lively perception of it.
In an analysis of texts by Tasso, Gentili, and Montaigne, Hampton concentrates his analysis on the ethical dimensions of diplomatic representation, particularly the tension between "useful" and "honorable" political action.
Tasso defended in theory and in practice the idea of the epic as an encyclopedic genre, one that can and should encompass all other modes.
The item on Tasso was supplemented with information from The New York Times, July 9, 2010; the notice on Clews was supplemented with information from the Valley News, Aug.
Thus, while Tasso does not completely condemn the varieta inherent in romance-- indeed, elsewhere in his discussion he links it to the abundance of God's creation-- he does advocate a more teleological and verisimilar approach to this variety, in which each portion of the epic leads toward some greater meaning.
11) With the Este court so selfconsciously cultivating game culture, Tasso was well-situated in Ferrara to explore the generic theory of play.
In the Gerusalemme liberates, by contrast, Tasso sets out to restore the epic and to subordinate the frivolous fancies of romance.
Er registriert, dass Tasso mit dem Melancholiediskurs der Renaissance operiert (128), erortert aber nicht, was es heisst, wenn ein Dichter des 18.
Keith Guidry, manager of casual furniture dealer Percy Guidry's Hearth & Patio, served more than 200 pork chops, 10 pounds of jalapeno sausage and a very large, cast-iron pot of Tasso Corn Maque Choux to the crowd, which included more than 25 baseball celebrities, both old-timers and up-and-comers.
One of the most intriguing and complex dialogues between text and image between Baudelaire and Delacroix's works involves their respective dual depictions of the mad imprisoned and impassioned Italian Renaissance poet Torquato Tasso (1544-95).
Tasso is an office or domestic seating system of single twin and three seater elements designed by Burkhardt Vogtherr.