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Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)

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Bruce Jamieson, CEO of GenTegra, offers, "GenTegra is pleased to be working with the innovative HemoLink device that Tasso is developing as an alternative to venipuncture blood collection.
I first heard of graffiti in a television report," Tasso recalled.
The only aspect worse than the poet's loss of reason itself, in Layng's eyes, was that it was interspersed by periods of lucidity, in which Tasso glimpsed and recorded the extent of his derangement, "so that he suffer'd the only addition that cou'd be made to his misery, in a strong, lively perception of it.
Hampton turns again to Tasso in chapter 3, situating his epic Gerusalemme liberata in the context of emerging formulations of international law.
He thus enables us to see clearly into the mazes in which often Bonarelli's style seems to meander, but, at the same time, with equal lucidity, he emphasizes Bonarelli's closeness and indebtedness to Tasso and Guarino by pointing out the period of time that he spent in Ferrara, in the midst of the same Duke and the same courtiers who had known and loved and rejected the unhappy poet of Aminta and Gerusalemme.
Monteiro points out how in his sonnet Tasso separates the figure of Vasco da Gama - the hero of Camoes's epic, who led the first Portuguese fleet into India - from Camoes himself.
which Tasso tries to capture his sense of melancholic dislocation in, or
Alfonso Tasso adds: Internet Access in hotels is no longer a must have but a must work service.
Simonson will report to Tasso who will continue to help guide Northstar activities as a member of the Northstar Board of Directors.
For his part, Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso said, "During the meeting with His Highness the Amir, I thanked him and the Kuwaiti people for their support and generosity, especially the free oil.
Takuya Tasso, endorsed by the Democratic Party of Japan, won reelection by a large margin Sunday for his third four-year term, defeating three newcomers, final returns showed.
A gunman barged into a classroom and opened fire in Tasso da Silveira School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing 12 students.
Also included are five shorter writings, titled "Gleanings," on such topics as when Spenser read Tasso, Spenser and Greek romance, unlikely characters in Spenser's Britain Moniments, Spenser's "Clothes of Arras and of Toure," and Spenser's Amoretti and Elizabeth Boyle.
Even in its unfinished format, this work constitutes an important contribution to the history of the chivalric poem between Ariosto and Tasso.
L'arme e gli amori: Ariosto, Tasso and Guarini in Late Renaissance Florence: Acts of an International Conference, Florence, Villa I Tatti, June 27-29, 2001.