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one of two pieces of armor plate hanging from the fauld to protect the upper thighs

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The "Lion Armor," a suit of plate armor complete with tassets and decorated with repousse rinceaux and gilded, damascened bands, the Collar of the Order of St.
TABLE 9: Cross-Sectional Regression Results: Change in Institutional Ownership Versus Split Factor and Total Assets Dependent Variable Independent Variables INTERCEPT SPLTFACT LN TASSETS [R.
Back in the '80s, at least for a little while, Tony Tasset was one of a number of artists playing games with the heritage of Minimalism, building cubes and boxes that made you think of Donald Judd and then upholstering them plushly in leather.
In Carving Again, 2000, a bare-chested Tasset is seen putting on and taking off pounds, changing rapidly from pudgy to buff and back again, as the documentation of a diet that must have lasted months is compressed into seconds, then reversed and rerun in a continuous loop.