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an asterid dicot genus of the family Compositae including dandelions

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The present investigation was conducted to evaluate the possible protective efficiency of Taraxacum officinale for lead toxicity on some hematoloical and serum biochemical markers and also on the histological profiles of liver, kidney and ovary of female wistar rats.
This book contains much information on the nutritive content and medicinal values of Taraxacum officinale ("The official remedy for disorders").
The species in summer pasture were: Kobresia huimlis, Stipa aliena, Lancea tibetica, Kobresia pygmaea, Gentiana squarrosa, Leontopodium leontopodioides, Thalictrum alpinum, Oxytropis deflexa, Saussurea superba, Potentilla fruticosa, Taraxacum brevirostre, Potentilla anserine, Poa calliopsis, Potentilla multifida, Leontopodium nanum.
Typical supplements used to treat LGS include enzymes, probiotics such as Lactobacillus GG, beneficial yeast--specifically Saccharomyces boulardii, B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, manganese, magnesium, glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine, quercetin, catechins, silymarin, taraxacum, essential fatty acids, fiber and gamma oryzanol.
A plant that could serve as a new sustainable resource for rubber, Taraxacum kok-saghyz was cultivated on a large scale in the Soviet Union between 1931 and 1950, as well as in the United States, the U.
1 Asteraceae Native Cony--a canadensis Asteraceae Native Erigeron annuus Asteraceae Native Lactuca canadensis Asteraceae Introduced Lactuca serriola Asteraceae Native Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Asteraceae Native Solidago canadensis Asteraceae Native Taraxacum officinale Brassicaceae Introduced Capsella burla pastoris Convolvulaceae Native Calystegia sepium Chenopodiaceae -- Chenopodium sp.
The most abundant species in the herbaceous vegetation was Achillea millefolium, which occurred in 46 plots, followed by Tussilago farfara and Taraxacum officinale (both in 41 plots).
Desacetylmatricarin, an anti-allergic compound from Taraxacum platycarpum.
In his "little cubby-hole" office, but convenient workroom on the second floor of the B & Z Building on The Ohio State University campus, Sears studied the cytology of Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) (Sears 1916b).
Relative abundances of plants in bluegrass were: bluegrass, Poa pratensis (70%); dandelion, Taraxacum officinale (14%); about 25 other species with relative abundances of = 10% (Getz et al.
Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion): We've all heard of eating dandelion greens and making dandelion wine, but how many of you were brave enough to do it?