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The producer of designer tableware, stated that the Board of Directors of Dankotuwa Porcelain through a resolution that has duly passed on 30 March 2016 formally resolved to amalgamate with its wholly owned subsidiary Taprobane Capital under the Companies Act No.
A major publishing company is reviewing Taprobane my second novel, and a literary agent is looking at my third The Scarlet Thread.
Yogendraprasath from Taprobane Toastmasters Club won the first place, followed by Yasir Irfan and Azeezur Rehman (both from Diamond Toastmasters Club).
125) See, eg, Boral (2003) 215 CLR 374, 398 (Gleeson CJ and Callinan J); Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (2003) 131 FCR 529, 542, 567 (Wilcox, French and Gyles JJ); Sita Qld Pty Ltd v Queensland (1999) 164 ALR 18, 31 (Dowsett J); Singapore Airlines Ltd v Taprobane Tours WA Pty LM (1991) 33 FCR 158, 170, 179, 181 (French J).
where Lando admires an ancient practice of the island of Taprobane (Ceylon): "ove il piu valoroso & piu studioso di commodi di soggetti principe si elegeva & il medemo per arbitrio del popolo.
Three hundred years before Christ, Alexander the Great knew of this strategic anchorage, and the cartographer Ptolemy charted it on his fifth-century map of Taprobane (one of the other old names for Sri Lanka) as Dionysil.
In the story, set in the 22nd century, engineers build an elevator atop a mountain on Taprobane, an island that resembles Sri Lanka, the country where Clarke now lives.
Tamraparni is also the name of the first Sinhalese capital on the north coast of Sri Lanka, called Tambapanni in Mhv 7,38-42 and Taprobane by Onesicritus, the admiral of Alexander the Great, who learned it as the name of the whole island in 325 B.
Couples considering a unique honeymoon destination should look no further than the secluded luxury beachfront resort at Amanwella on the island's southern coast, or Taprobane, a private, romantic two-acre island just off the shore of Weligama.
Ptolemy in the 2nd century spoke of 'the island of Taprobane, which was formerly called Simoundoue and now Salike.
Taprobane Holdings bought a 29 per cent stake in ERI which resulted in Executive Directors Kosala Heengama and Scott Newsome and independent Directors G.