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movement within Buddhism combining elements of Hinduism and paganism

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doctrine of enlightenment as the realization of the oneness of one's self and the visible world


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5) Contrarily to Stephen (2005), which attempts at linking several key features of 'Balinese Hinduism' to similar features of Indic Tantrism.
With the countercultural revolution and sexual liberation of the 1960s, Tantrism finally entered into the Western popular imagination in full force.
However, Gandhi is not to be wholly identified with this or any one religion, since as I have indicated, he shares affinities to Jainism, Tantrism, pacifist Christianity, Greek Orphic religion and Greco-Roman (Stoic) asceticism, and to outright denials of religious authority.
Indian tantrism, in its Hindu, Buddhist and Jain varieties, did not emerge out of a void.
Both Daoism and Tantrism employ sexual techniques to achieve similar aims as meditation, and the retention of semen (associated with life-giving forces) is common to both traditions.
Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Tantrism was a major channel in Indian religious traditions and besides Hinduism, it also exerted considerable influence on Buddhism and Jainism.
His works discussing the earlier dates of Tantra, such as the commonly cited origins of seventh century CE (Davidson 2003; Bhattacharyya 1982) and the influence of Taoism on Tantrism are essential to link this "esoteric technology" with an ancient current that persisted into Tibet and Japan.
See Judith Becker, Gamelan Stories: Tantrism, Islam, and Aesthetics in Central Java, 2nd ed.
His Questions and Answers on Tibetan Tantrism (2002) is a verbatim record of his dialogue with Dharma Master Jiqun Henan, a Han Chinese monk based in Fujian Province, on the subject of the spiritual impact of Tibetan tantrism on Han Chinese Buddhists.
This vision of an energetic and vibrating world seems to have been borrowed from tantrism, a later form of Hinduism and of Buddhism, which is presented as the Way of the Divine (masculine) and of his Energy (feminine).
It is notable that tantrism played a vital role in infusing the concept of symbolic and secret worship of the deity, which eventually brought together many such religious doctrines in a common sphere.
Shingon Tantrism and Nichiren--the living personality of the historic Buddha asserts itself and colors the practical ethic--and of course the end product--for the monk at least, remains the same as it was under the Bo tree.
The claim that Pazs poetry was deeply influenced by Buddhist and Hindu traditions is neither new nor surprising (Paz himself wrote about Tantrism in Conjunciones y disyunciones); nonetheless Callans thorough explanation of yogic principles and mythology, together with his ability to connect the meditative practice at many different levels to Blanco, provide new insight into the importance of the "East" in Paz's work.
One of the strong points of Flood's book is that he has a wealth of knowledge about asceticism in all three religions, including the Brahmanical tradition in Hinduism and, specifically, Saiva tantrism in Kashmir, the Theravada tradition of Buddhism and both Eastern and Western Christianity as well as the figure of Simone Weil (who may lie close to, and yet not fully within, Christianity).
Jung is old, and few believe him--perhaps the group of us there today would be one of the few in the whole world that would listen to an old man talk about Chinese luck sticks, astrology, tantrism, physics, psychology, the Common Unconscious, psycho-kinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, and insanity as various loopholes onto a vista of truth, without feeling either pity or scorn.