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a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka that began in 1970 as a student protest over the limited university access for Tamil students

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Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that since the Tamil Tigers are still banned in Sri Lanka, public events cannot be held in support of its leaders or the organization.
Blinken, in recent times, has made more than one reference to Sri Lanka's domestic war with separatist Tamil Tigers, civilian deaths, justice and reconciliation.
London, May 29 ( ANI ): The United Nations (UN) have said that it is concerned at Malaysia banishing three men, who were accused of trying to revive the Tamil Tiger rebel group to Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankans have never allowed a proper investigation of what went on as they wiped out the Tamil Tigers, apparently killing the human shields at the same time.
Tracey Rook, an inspector with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said officers were working with Canadian and foreign intelligence agencies to investigate whether the people on the ship were connected to the Tamil Tigers.
The election results signal that while President Rajapaksa enjoys massive popularity among the country's Sinhalese majority following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, his approval rating among the Tamil minority is less impressive.
But the judge decided the case was "exceptional" as, at the time the offences were carried out, the Tamil Tigers were not banned in Sri Lanka and peace negotiations were taking place.
What is not clear is whether the Tamil Tigers will abandon their 26-year struggle for autonomy despite these details.
This should have given the Tamil Tigers a vast hinterland of political and material support - and for a time, that's exactly what happened.
More than 1,000 people massed outside the British High Commission in Colombo, accusing the UK of supporting the Tamil Tigers in the Sri Lankan conflict.
They said they had spotted Tamil Tigers firing mortar shells into their own people and blamed the army.
Flags of the banned Tamil Tigers terrorist group flew in the crowds as up to 5,000 protesters caused chaos around Parliament.
The jury is still considering verdicts on three other defendants charged with offences relating to the Tamil Tigers.
The Tamil Tigers used the town as their political and military headquarters for the past 10 years and created structures for an independent state, such as a police, courts and tax offices.
They admitted that though Pooneryn had been taken, the Tamil Tigers were putting up fierce resistance outside the town.
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