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7] Polyphenols in tamarindus are dominated by proanthocyanidins groups such as procyanidin B2, apigenin, catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin dimers, procyanidin trimers, eriodictyol, taxifolin, and naringenin.
Antioxidant effects of methanolic extracts of Tamarindus indica parts following acute and chronic carbon tetrachloride induced liver injury.
2004 Significant increase in the urinary excretion of fluoride after use of supplements containing Tamarindus indicus P Pai, M.
For instance, for treatment of diabetes, 10g each of dry powder of seeds of Trigonella foenum-graecum, seeds of Tamarindus indica, bark of Melia azedarach, seeds of Mangifera indica, seeds of Syzygium cumini, leaves of Azadirachta indica, fruits of Ficus racemosa, and seeds of Mucuna pruriens were mixed together.
These include date stone [17], Tamarindus indica [18], vegetal cord [19], banana peel [20], palm seed coat [21], oil palm empty fruit bunch [22], date pit [23], black stone cherries [24], vetiver roots [25], sugarcane bagasse [26], and Luffa cylindrica [27].
bicolor, Pimenta dioica, Musa sp, Tamarindus indica, Couepia poliandra y P.
and deciduous monsoon forest (primarily tamarind Tamarindus indica) occurs in valley floors and along water courses.
Leaves of Tamarindus indica were collected from Rajbari, Bangladesh during December, 2012.
Extract of the seed coat of Tamarindus indica inhibits nitric oxide production by murine macrophages in vitro and in vivo.
Several species have multiple uses, for example Tamarindus indica, whose fruit pulp is used to make syrups, preserves, juice concentrates, sweets, and sauces.
Boustise is made with natural extracts such as Mediterranean Brown Sea Fern, Punica Geranium, Commiphora Mayrrha and Tamarindus Indica.