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Tamaricaceae Ethel-Terfa Bunge 19 Thymelaea hirsuta (L.
Musaceae Fruit Methanolic Myricaria elegans Royle Tamaricaceae Aerial Methanolic Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
In all three instances where the Qur'an mentions al-mann,4 it uses one of the variants of the verb nazala, to emphatically state that the mann was actually sent down--but if it is to be found as a naturally growing plant Alhagi maurorum Medic of the Leguminosae family, or as Tamarix mannifera Bunge of the Tamaricaceae family, then how can we account for the Qur'anic account that it was a special blessing to the Children of Israel--a Qur'anic description that is further strengthened through a linguistic relation between the fruit mentioned by the Qur'an and one of the meanings of the word name given to it; mann means "favor".
In several clades contort petal aestivation occurs, such as in some Lychnideae of Caryophyllaceae (Schoute, 1935), some Droseraceae (Eichler, 1878), Plumbaginaceae (Schoute, 1935), and Tamaricaceae (Eichler, 1878; Correll & Correll, 1982).
The neighboring family Tamaricaceae taps deeper levels that are perpetually moist, if saline, and thus has relatively mesomorphic xylem (vessels wide, solitary).