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a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience

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One way to get on the air is by contacting a local talk show station, usually an AM station, and explore its interest in having a one-hour financial call-in show.
Parkinson, who retired from his chat show in 2007, wrote: "Sadly, I think the conversational talk show, the one shaped by my generation of talk-show hosts and practised so skilfully by the likes of Russell Harty and David Frost, has had it.
The Tonight Show, the late night talk show on NBC hosted by Jay Leno, will immediately go into re-runs.
Evidently, liberal radio talk shows don't get high enough ratings to make sponsors want to put them on the air.
Demands from community organizers led to the station's first talk shows featuring the late Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X, and Carlos Russell, the noted former college professor who taught some of the black and Latino students who founded the Young Lords Party.
Eva Illouz's book, Oprah Winfrey and the Glamour of Misery, examines the Winfrey talk show in terms of what the author calls "the culture of pain and suffering.
Talk shows such as Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, and Maury are commonly referred to as "trash TV.
More provocatively, she finds that talk shows are at least cousins to mainstream news media--and thrive in part because of their failures.
The booker from a highly-regarded talk show calls you four hours before air time.
The police department has worked with the cable companies to produce programs in three different formats - a live call-in show, a talk show, and a fugitive-style show.
still cling to some vestige of objectivity," says Kurtz, the talk shows - which run the gamut from The McLaughlin Group to Donahue to Oprah to Howard Stern's and Rush Limbaugh's radio programs - "revel in their one-sided pugnacity, spreading wild theories, delicious gossip, and angry denunciations with gleeful abandon.
What most Americans didn't know, at least until recently (I include myself), is that Limbaugh and Liddy are only the tip of a huge mountain of radio talk shows.
Radio talk shows," said Reagan, "let people be heard on a regular basis, and to get insights.
Jerry Aiello, Director of the Warrior Training Center, author of several Martial Arts books, producer of audio and visual tapes, lecturer, and guest of countless talk shows across the country.