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a fundamentalist Islamic militia


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Ghani, in a conference late last month called the Kabul Process, involving representatives of 25 countries along with the United States and NATO, offered the Taliban political recognition, help in removing their names from international sanctions lists, passports, jobs, and a political office in Kabul if they renounce violence and come to the table.
This offer of dialogue from the Taliban has come in the backdrop of a more aggressive policy from the US forces, as well as a more determined and bloody response from the Taliban.
In the past, President Ghani has been consistently calling the Taliban 'terrorists' and 'rebels'.
The Taliban reacted to Trump's announcement by saying they never wanted to talk to the United States anyway, but one senior member of the group said he suspected efforts would still be made to get negotiations going.
A spokesperson for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said while the government had encouraged the Taliban to talk, the attacks inKabul, including a suicide bomb attack on Saturday that killed more than 100 people, was a "red line".
The Afghan Taliban remain the most organized and lethal insurgent group operating in Afghanistan, despite competition from the other 20 terrorist organizations and three violent extremist organizations present in the region.
This year has been the deadliest for the ANA since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.
In this regard, three questions need to be answered to clear up the sketchiness that surrounds the relationship between Iran and the Taliban: If indeed the accusations are true, then why the change in Iran's policy; when did this policy change take place ; and what is the level of support afforded to the Taliban by Iran?
It's unclear if he was involved with any acts of violence against the Taliban.
In their audio and video statements posted on the Afghan Taliban official website Voice of Jihad, the Taliban prisoners expressed grief and shock over the killing of Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor in US drone strike and announced support to his successor.
The Taliban Chief was killed in American drone strike on Saturday in restive Balochistan province, the White House confirmed on Monday.
The Afghan Taliban statement on March 5, rejecting peace talks with the Afghan government, didn't come as a surprise because the militant group had already listed four pre-conditions for creating the right atmosphere for any further negotiations to take place.
KAByL (CyHAN)- Afghan security forces during series of operations against Taliban militants killed seven armed insurgents including a shadowy district governor and captured five others including a Taliban appointed district chief on Wednesday, officials said.
A Taliban delegation visited Tehran last week for political discussions, though it isn't clear if any agreement was reached.
Indeed, most Americans probably could not identify Mullah Omar as the leader of the Taliban by name or recognize him as one of America's top enemies from the two grainy pictures of him that exist in the public domain.