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a fundamentalist Islamic militia


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In the words of Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Tanif, the sentiment prevails that the "country is occupied by foreign forces, and it affects the pure nationalist emotions of our people" This is true "especially in the southern and eastern provinces of the country.
The Religion News Service noted that the report was issued amid concerns that former Taliban officials had won seats in the country's first democratically elected parliament.
19 of Afghanistan's first democratically elected parliament following the ousting of the Taliban regime in late 2001 in a United States-led military campaign.
The Kandahar airport, where I had once seen Taliban soldiers showing off their antiaircraft missiles, is now a vast American base with thousands of soldiers, as well as a 24-hour coffee shop, a North Face clothing store, a day spa and a PX the size of a Wal-Mart.
Accompanying Mobbs to Baghdad, reported the Guardian, will be Afghan expatriate Zalmay Khalilzad, who "once sympathized with the Taliban but later changed tack.
Radio broadcasts delivered Taliban edicts forbidding women to wear lipstick, requiring a finer mesh in their veils, and more.
There will be two aspects to the survival of Taliban - internal and external, with the latter aspect being more potent.
T4he commander, Mahidullah, said the offer was made during negotiations by radio with the Taliban in Kunduz, the last city in the north held by the Taliban.
Citing an unidentified Taliban official, the agency also said warplanes attacked a military base in Khost, six miles from the border with Pakistan.
Taliban courts, made up of religious leaders guided by their interpretation of the Koran, have convicted dozens of men of homosexual acts.
Two major Taliban offensives this summer "ended quickly with heavy Taliban casualties and no changes in the frontlines," he said.
15 Kyodo Arab dissident Osama bin Laden is believed to be hiding in another part of Afghanistan, Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) said Sunday quoting Taliban sources.
Taliban forces increase their areas of control in Afghanistan but whether they can gain the last critical 10 per cent is debateable.
Al-Qaeda and Taliban hardliners in Afghanistan conspired to "break the cultural neck of the nation" in an attempt to consolidate power in the country, according to an exclusive report in the May/June issue of Archaeology magazine.