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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent

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Other things likely to leave local residents reeling included, hearing old people swear, someone messing up telling a joke and children taking the mickey out of adults.
THE film in America, taking the mickey out of a world leader, and the French satirical magazine taking the mickey out a religious leader, have stirred up a hornets nest and any intelligent person in power would have forecast the trouble these might cause.
My boyfriend never stops taking the mickey out of me about it.
WALES hooker Richard Hibbard admits Scotland boss Scott Johnson helped spur him on to reach the rugby big time - by taking the mickey out of him.
But the Edinburgh-born satirist rejected the award, fearing it would make him think twice about taking the mickey out of politicians.
The stand-up brings to it the watchable air of someone who clearly knows they're roughing it and is blatantly taking the mickey, even if none of the contestants on this match-making game show have cottoned on to that yet.
Sherwood reports: "I emailed people to tell them and the phone's been ringing with people taking the mickey ever since.
It's not that it was scary, but it was just taking the Mickey a little bit.
It is FIFA taking the mickey - give the Irish a plaque instead of going to the World Cup.
HOW bright are you, do you really know, Or at times do others at you have a go, Taking the mickey because you cannot read, Do they set in you an uncomfortable seed, Many are dyslexic but they make their way, And at the top of the tree then to stay, Many are crippled by life and her play, Others are not in life what they say.
Mr Fletcher came through the door to go out and was still taking the mickey out of our friend.
To insist on jury trial then change to a guilty plea at the last minute is taking the Mickey out of the system and squandering tax-payers' money.
It's not quirky, it's not even ironic, it's just taking the mickey, pure and simple.
With over 1500 followers I'm not in the Russell Brand or Stephen Fry league, but I do find it a good way of getting ideas across and occasionally taking the mickey out of politicians.
Then he shows up in Extras taking the mickey out of it all and his use of funny smelling cigarettes.
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