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an attempt to take control of a corporation

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Stable shareholders have a long-term stake in corporations and they generally support targeted corporations in cases of hostile takeover attempts.
LVMH also said that assuming control of Hermes, or a takeover attempt on the company did not feature in its plans.
6 billion takeover proposal in July 2007 foundered, as did a previous takeover attempt by private equity firm CVCs.
Although he was thwarted in his prior takeover attempts, Cohee still has not lost his appetite for Carver and hasn't ruled out the possibility of making a future run at the bank In the meantime, he and Wright are trying to expand their respective empires.
There has never been a successful hostile takeover here, and most market observers would say that there has only been one truly hostile takeover attempt in recent years: the offer by M & A Consulting to acquire Shoei in 2000.
A takeover attempt opposed by the target company's management or board of directors is a hostile or unfriendly takeover.
Thus, expenditures for professional fees incurred in a takeover attempt (which ostensibly has been labeled as either hostile or friendly) will not uniformly be classified as either currently deductible under Sec.
Regardless of whether a takeover attempt is "friendly" or "hostile," the directors will be compelled to take several takeover-related actions.
The creation of a special team to deal with possible takeover attempts is well advised.
Like the prior plan, the Plan is designed to enhance long term shareholder value by limiting the ability of individuals to engage in inadequate, undesirable or hostile takeover attempts.
The number of listed Japanese firms that have introduced measures against possible takeover attempts totaled 206 as of March 9, up sharply from 27 at the end of 2005 amid growing industry realignment and hostile buyout bids, a Nomura Securities Co.
The plan, approved by Semtech shareholders last year but not activated until this week, is meant to fend off ``coercive or inadequate takeover attempts,'' the company said in a written statement, though it added that management knows of no such attempts currently under way.
We believe that adopting the Shareholder Rights Plan provides our Board of Directors with the means necessary to effectively evaluate and negotiate alternatives to any coercive takeover attempts and is in the best interests of all CanWest Shareholders.
COMMENT: This corporate specialist might be too narrowly focused to draw takeover attempts.
Furlong as an anti-takeover mechanism, in light of previous takeover attempts.