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Synonyms for takeoff

Synonyms for takeoff

the act of rising in flight


a usually amusing caricature of another

Synonyms for takeoff

a departure

the initial ascent of an airplane as it becomes airborne

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

humorous or satirical mimicry

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Berman said that because the terminal building will be moved as part of the expansion project, the main reason for banning eastern takeoffs in the past will no longer exist.
After so many uneventful takeoffs, we lose sight of the possibility that something might stick a proverbial foot out in front of us and--being largely creatures of habit--we're programmed to keep going.
The first reason is to reiterate that we often don't pay enough attention to takeoffs.
But many will then either gloss over or improvise their way through the section on takeoff minimums.
And we're always looking for ways to make certain that our solution fits the needs of the construction professionals who rely on PlanSwift for their takeoff and estimating.
Lead started the takeoff roll, with Dash 2 following 10 seconds later, followed by Dash 3 taking the runway.
Officials are trying to determine whether two planes that were preparing for takeoff got closer than allowed under federal rules.
Fast takeoffs and landings using a high lift device, as opposed to flaps and slats, reduce the chance of an accident.
Using a digitizer, we performed a takeoff using Takeoff's formulas: It took about 10 minutes to do the takeoff for the footing, slab, interior, and exterior walls for a 1,500-square-foot test house.
Also hoppers, feeders, and takeoff units for sheet, blown film and wire.
Only airplanes with ten or more seats must have the capacity to stop by the end of the runway if an engine fails before takeoff speed is reached.
The authors find that takeoff is driven by culture and wealth, in addition to product class, product vintage and prior takeoffs.
My impressive total of five shipboard takeoffs and slightly more than 60 hours in the MH-53E was less than adequate experience for trying to handle an unusual takeoff on my own.
As a business manager, I was trying to make changes so that we could execute more effective and accurate takeoffs," said Kendzierski, a career landscape architecture professional for more than two decades.