Takayasu's arteritis

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disorder characterized by the absence of a pulse in both arms and in the carotid arteries

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Takayasu's arteritis is a chronic inflammatory process that primarily involves the aorta and its main branches.
Positron emission tomography use in the diagnosis and follow up of Takayasu's arteritis.
Sarah Amato passed away after losing a 10-year battle with rare condition Takayasu's arteritis, which left her heart arteries blocked.
SNOWMASS, COLO -- Anti-tumor necrosis factor therapies show great promise in the treatment of Takayasu's arteritis resistant to conventional high-dose corticosteroids, Dr.
These disorders include Cogan's syndrome, Meniere's disease, Takayasu's arteritis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Behcet's disease and Sjogren's syndrome, among others.
Other etiologies include trauma, coronary atherosclerosis, SLE, polyarteritis nodosa, Takayasu's arteritis, scleroderma, rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, and complications from percutaneous intervention.
Takayasu's arteritis predominantly occurs before the age of 40 and is more common in females.
Monitoring of pulse oximetry and blood pressure has always been a problem in patients with Takayasu's arteritis (pulseless disease).