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This time he was however not referring to the pain which accompanied Katherine's mother's bound feet when she was a child, but instead anticipated the alienation that Katherine was to feel later from the Tai Chung community for not binding her feet.
Under the terms of the agreement, oCen Communications will assist Pacific Resource Technology in designing and mapping out a virtual private network (VPN) covering Taiwan's major cities, including Taipei, Tai Chung and Kao Chung.
2 million to the segmental revenue, plus the strengthening sales of Po Chai Pills and Tong Tai Chung Woodlok Oil.
As a result of the acquisitions made during FY2017, the Group's proprietary medicine portfolio now comprises popular brands including Po Chai Pills, Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San, Tong Tai Chung Woodlok Oil, Flying Eagle Woodlok Oil, Saplingtan, Shiling Oil and Col-gan Tablet, all of which are well-recognised by consumers.