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a thick Middle Eastern paste made from ground sesame seeds

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They also offer ta'ameya with the option of regular with tahina or stuffed with spices and vegetables.
The buffet offers regional favorites and specialty dishes featuring a medley of hot and cold mezzeh, a variety of manakeesh, falafel with tahina, and mixed Arabic grills alongside slowly roasting shawarma.
In addition to water, laban, dates and sweets to enjoy at the moment of Iftar, the specially designed boxes also contain a selection of mouth watering delicacies, which include a chicken shawarma sandwich with spiced chicken, tahina sauce and shredded lettuce and a mezze salad featuring hummus, olives vegetables and olive oil with Arabic bread.
14 (480m): Lil Lipstick, Galtee Yazmin, Tahina Serena, Day Tripper, Yeneed Hope, Timmy Minty (W).
A delegation from the Qatar Charity is overseeing the distribution of food packages that include sugar, rice, milk, tea, edible oil, pulses, macaroni, halawa tahina, chick peas and tomato paste.
Tahina Montoya, the 376th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron intelligence flight commander.
government agencies present in Tel Aviv, but no one complains about the panoramic ocean views or the proximity to dozens of cafes serving delicious Mediterranean fare of hummus, olives and tahina.
Tahina the Sifaka lemur was dumped by her mum, but is now waited on hand and paw at the Musee de Besancon Zoo, France
Let me show you another piece of media cowardice that makes my 63-year-old teeth grind together after 34 years of eating humus and tahina in the Middle East.
Some 3,547 DVDs of pirated films, 216 pornographic movies, in addition to 377 foodstuff items including rice, Tahina, oil, and boxes of fruits and vegetables were seized last month.
Popular roasted dishes include baba gbanouj, a combination of the pulp of the roasted eggplant, tahina (sesame seed paste) and lemon juice that literally means "spoiled father," probably because it tastes so good that the father to whom it is served is spoiled by the flavors.
lt;p>Lebanon's official news agency NNA reported that the Financial General Prosecutor Judge Fawzi Adham has ordered the prosecution of five other people in absentia on the same charges and they are: Ali Habshi, Hiba Tahina, Anis Qanso, Mohammed Bazzi and Ali Qaeek.
Tahina spectablilis, a gigantic species of palm found in Madagascar, which dies soon after its flowers appear.
Tahina spectablilis, a giant palm that dies soon after its flowers appear (Madagascar).
From the plant kingdom is a gigantic new species and genus of palm - Tahina spectablilis - with fewer than 100 individuals found only in a small area of northwestern Madagascar.