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genus of tropical plants with creeping rootstocks and small umbellate flowers

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A number of researchers [8, 9, 16], have studied the physicochemical properties of tacca starch.
This also reflected in the low swelling power of tacca starch.
Different gelatinization temperature has been reported for tacca starch.
15] found that the swelling capacity of tacca starch increases with increase in temperature.
9] studied the effect of starch concentration on paste clarity and found that yellow tacca had slightly higher clarity than white tacca.
The viscosity-shear rate profiles for 4 % and 6 % (w/v) pastes of tacca starch showed a viscosity plateau ([[eta].
From literature, tacca starch has been physically and chemically modified.
Tacca Industries and Barron & Rawson will receive $259,412 and $134,706 respectively to help install solar PV systems.
Tacca currently manufactures plastic packaging such as punnets and cake trays.
Kunle O, Ibrahim Y, Emeje M, Shaba S and Y Kunle Extraction, physicochemical and compaction properties of tacca starch--a potential pharmaceutical excipient.
Manek R, Kunle O, Emeje M, Builders P, Rama G, Lopez G and W Kolling Physical, thermal and sorption profile of starch obtained from Tacca leontopetaloides.