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the audience reached by television

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video campaigns using TV audience data to target specific TV audiences with digital video almost doubled since the first quarter, jumping 91%.
And with a healthy TV audience also tuning in for the other semi-final between Dundee United and Aberdeen, a total of 1.
More than 100,000 Kantar Media PeopleMeters have been deployed to measure TV audiences around the globe.
Bold and the Beautiful" has received its ninth consecutive nomination for the International TV Audience Awards and is now considered to be one of the TV programmes which has garnered the highest number of viewers from around the world in 2013.
Late last year Mediaresearch also successfully completed a representative national panel of households for TV audience measurement in Bulgaria
The Emirates Media Measurement Company (EMMC) has announced the UAE's TV audience measurement system, known as 'tview' is now live and operating
With a combined TV audience of over 25m, huge attendance levels and a national and international expansion the sport is well placed for an exciting future.
The comedian singled the actor out demanding that he air kiss the TV audience.
In 1999, in a tournament lasting six weeks, more than 400 players participated and, in Wales alone, attracted some 500,000 spectators with a global TV audience of three billion.
The NMC and TRA launched the TV Audience Measurement initiative as a critical step towards greater development of the UAE's media industry after a series of workshops and industry consultations held earlier this year.
She's the radiant Jennifer Coolidge, and now she's bewitching the national TV audience as Matt LeBlanc's caustic and scene-stealing agent on NBC's Joey.
But most give the TV audience what Broadway publicist Adrian Bryan-Brown calls "a free sample.
LISA, Michael, Simon and Mickey will be battling it out in front of a massive TV audience on tonight's You're A Star.
The TV audience for Tuesday afternoon's World Cup soccer match between Japan and Turkey reached 45.
Despite continuous threats from police and cable companies, the illegal hookups are so prevalent that ratings firm Time Ibope includes estimated pirate viewership when measuring the chilean TV audience.