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one trillion periods per second


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THz frequency generation using MRRs for THz imaging.
Combination of ferulic acid with THZ shows better performance than with metformin.
With the newly developed real-time TPI system, THz measurements of coating thickness are acquired from individual tablets in less than 9 ms and can be displayed continuously for the duration of the coating operation thus providing the operator with up-to-date information on how coating film thickness evolves during the coating process.
1 THz at a bit rate of 10 Gbps with different dispersions values obtained by plotting over single mode optical fiber of length 10 Km.
Medical applications, particularly imaging techniques for body tissues and teeth, are also in the offing, especially because the THz zone is on the opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum from X rays, and thus of lower energy and far less damaging to living tissue.
The THz beamline, which will be fully operational in autumn 2007, is funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) through its North West Science Fund.
Apart from a few applications in biological imaging and spectroscopy, THz communications technology has been relatively unexplored.
Advantest's new Cherenkov THz radiation source, which generates a superior range of frequencies, was announced in September 2012, as was the company's terahertz time-of-flight (TOF) tomography analysis system, which employs the Cherenkov radiation source.
Concentrating their energy on a broad product lineup TeraSense effectively cover all key aspects of THz imaging: THz cameras, THz sources, single-pixel detectors.
As with all of these reports, the author looks beyond the hype and takes a rational and dispassionate look at the entire graphene value chain, from graphite to THz electronics.
Korter's lab is one of only a handful of university-based research labs in the world exploring the potential of THz radiation for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.
Eugenol and arecoline enhances 2DG uptake synergistically with both the OHD; whereas vanillic acid showing partly synergy with THZ and antagonistic activity with metformin on 2DG uptake.
1 THz demonstrated the detection of important fluorocarbon species in a triflouromethane plasma, such as might be used for etching silicon wafers.
The PNA THz network analyser supports a broad range of projects in nanoelectronics, complemented by a new electron-beam lithography facility.
Contract notice: Delivery of radiation sources in the thz range continuous system of detectors and equipment.