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Synonyms for railroad

compel by coercion, threats, or crude means

supply with railroad lines

transport by railroad

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Etienne airport Take a TGV train from Boutheon to get off at St.
The authority's 11-member board ultimately voted to award Texas TGV a 50-year franchise in 1991, an agreement that required that the company several financing deadlines.
Using Lyon as a gateway, travellers can board the TGV, to explore other TGV routes in France such as, TGV Lyon - Annecy route or the TGV Lyon - Montpellier route.
For for sheer style, speed and general whizziness give me France's TGV any time.
The service is available on the entire TGV East network serving France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and currently supplies a total throughput of 30 Mbps, which can be increased as required.
Los signos y sintomas de una TGV aparecen inmediatamente despues de cortar el cordon umbilical del recien nacido y dependen del tipo y del tamano del defecto.
First-class seats on high speed TGVs start at pounds 20.
Average speeds for passenger-carrying TGVs are 186mph but on the new Paris-Strasbourg line, which opens in June, they will run at 190mph.
Numerous trains, including the TGV (Train a Grand Vitesse, in translation "high speed train"), depart daily and connect with local trains.
The members of TGV, a workers' group of Brazil's Varig airline, failed to make the first payment of USD75m for the airline on Friday (23 June).
From Paris, we'll board the high-speed TGV train where you'll relax as we speed through France to Avignon for a wonderful three days in Provence.
Locus Technologies (Locus), a leader in environmental information management, recently announced that ALSTOM, the maker of France's famous TGV high-speed trains and gas turbines for power plants, has selected its web-based environmental portal LocusFocus(SM) to manage Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) information corporate-wide.
The Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao quoted sources in the Ministry of Railways as saying China decided to use the French TGV technology for the planned 1,300-kilometer railway, at a meeting Wednesday.
The head of troubled French engineering firm Alstom yesterday said the company would not give up its high-speed TGV train business if forced to sell key assets as part of a restructuring.
Once it is in service the maglev will snatch the title of the world's fastest operating train from its rival contenders the Japanese Shinkansen (bullet train) and the French TGV.