T. S. Eliot

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British poet (born in the United States) who won the Nobel prize for literature

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Las presentaciones abrevaron en la Antiguedad clasica, en Electra de Sofocles o la aurea El gran teatro del mundo de Calderon de la Barca, aunque dieron paso a textos atrevidos como El salon del automovil de Ionesco o Asesinato en la catedral de T.
The title, in case you were wondering, derives from a T.
At 44, he's published three collections and been the recipient of numerous prizes, including being shortlisted for the T.
One established seminar program combines serious academic discussions about two completely disparate subjects: a talk about the history of sausage followed by a presentation on T.
Unburdened with a definition of existentialism from a student encyclopedia, epigraphs from Jean Paul Sartre, Tennyson, Homer, T.
Es la Tierra Baldia, a la que ilustra la alucinante lectura de Marlon Brando del poema de T.
One can ponder the mysteries and meaning of life as much by musing over what T.