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a square used by draftsmen to draw parallel lines

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Accurate ninty-degree edges offer precise reference for measuring and attaching T-squares.
GJA communications, formerly Ginty Jocius & associates, debuted 28 years ago with access to the industry's most modern tools of the day--from T-squares to stat cameras
Hankinson's father was a draftsman for steel companies until that industry collapsed in the 1980s and forced his early retirement--but not before she'd developed a fondness for drafting tables, triangles and t-squares.
T-squares are necessary when setting up a bow to locate your nocking point on the string in relation to your cushion plunger hole.
Pear is also used for specialty items, such as brush backs, umbrella handles and measuring tools such as T-squares.
One important point regarding tools that Craig omits is the fact that many T-squares and triangles are not even and "true" when bought and must be checked for accuracy.
A number of drawing aids from T-squares to tracing templates have been around for a while; here we show some newish products and an old standby One of these may make the perfect gift for a would-be designer.